My artistic interests include John Singer Sargent, Fuseli, F.C.B Cadell, Rembrandt, Dave McKean & German Expressionism

About Me

Just like everyone, I doodled people from a very young age - and just like everybody my drawings never quite matched up with what I saw in my mind's eye. This led me to want to perfect the practice, building upon the foundations by taking up life drawing and learning the intricacies of the human figure. I work primarily in an alla prima style (wet on wet) and almost exclusively in oil as it gives me the flexibility to blend/adjust as I progress throughout the painting.

Aside from the more technical aspects, I have been (and continue to be) fascinated by how people choose to express themselves. Each and every individual harbours a completely separate story borne from personality and experience intertwined with choices and chance occurances. These stories are private and internal but I want to capture the small (and sometimes larger than life!) ways others communicate their hidden personalities. In a world struggling to author so many personal tales, our yearning to be heard practically bursts at the seams. My first thought is to entice the viewer with the mysteries of what’s presented - that sense of wanting to know more about the internal voices of the subject.

I welcome commissions and would be very happy to talk with you if you would like to secure one or discuss the process. Click here to see more.

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