A.S. Morrigan is a leading London-based portrait and figurative artist. Working entirely in traditional oil paints, he takes portrait and animal commissions from across the UK and beyond.




I am fascinated by how people choose to express themselves. Each and every individual harbours a completely separate story borne from personality and experience intertwined with choices and chance occurances. These stories are private and internal but I want to capture the small (and sometimes larger than life!) ways others communicate their hidden personalities.


In a world struggling to author so many personal tales, I want to explore those private, internal thoughts we all have - but can never really fully express. My first consideration is to entice the viewer with the mysteries of what’s presented - to evoke a sense of wanting to know more about the internal life of the subject.

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  • www.asmorrigan.com

Filmed by Chris Atkins (www.chrisatkins.co.uk)


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'Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf'


Limited Edition Giclée Print

Image Size: 12 x 16 Inches / 30.5 x 40.5 cm

Print Size: 14 x 18 Inches / 35.5 x 45.5 cm

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